Abortion Dialogue Academy Dialogue Workshop

Holy Spirit Hall
107 W Howard St
Creston, Iowa 50801
United States

Start Date: Oct. 17th, 2017 Timezone: Mountain

Start Time: 6:00pm - End Time: 8:00pm

The Abortion Dialogue Academy. Learn how to articulate the pro-life position and change people’s hearts and minds on abortion! Want to persuade your pro-choice peers that abortion is wrong?

We tour around the nation teaching pro-life people how to persuade their peers that abortion is just as unthinkable as killing a two-year-old child.


Website: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/render?eid=NDY5ZmU4a2Q4bmZqZHI3N292a24wdDJyOHYgYWJvcnRpb25kaWFsb2d1ZWFjYWRlbXkub3JnX2VoaW44MXRob2p1bjJ1MzNyOGZoNTFzcmZnQGc&ctz=America/Chicago&sf=true&output=xml#e
Sponsor: Abortion Dialogue Academy
Website: http://www.abortiondialogueacademy.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abortiondialogueacademy

Contact: Jacob Burow
Phone: 979-324-9081