March for Abolition

On the Public Sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood
7155 38th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80207
United States

Start Date: Jan. 20th, 2018 Timezone: Mountain

Start Time: 10:00am - End Time: 12:00pm

The nation's first RTL organization, Colorado Right To Life, is embarrassed that it's been more than a half-century since our founding, and unborn children are still being slaughtered in our communities. Since the U.S. Supreme Court's abortion opinion Roe v. Wade, we've been counting up, seemingly forever, to what this year in other states is the 44th annual March for Life. Not counting abortifacients like the so-called Morning After Pill, during this time more than 60 million children have been killed in surgical abortions. We commit ourselves to becoming focused, not on "Celebrating Life", which abortionists themselves find ways of doing, but on actually abolishing abortion.


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